The Kiel Aquarium

Kiel Aquarium in the Institute of Marine Science

The Institute of Marine Science in Kiel was opened in 1972 and is home to the aquarium with a broad selection of ocean animals in 32 tanks. The aquarium specialises in species from cold and shallow waters such as the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic. This is unusual for an aquarium as the fish must be kept in cooled tanks which take a lot of effort to maintain. You will therefore be able to view seldom shown fish such as cod, turbot, lumpfish, catfish and lobsters. A large circular tank is home to an entire swarm of herring. The Kiel Aquarium also has some mammals: its seals are housed in three outdoor enclosures. The aquarium also exhibits fresh water species native to Schleswig-Holstein and numerous animals from oceans all over the world. A particular attraction is the fact that visitors can have a behind-the-scenes look and gain an insight into the advanced technology utilised in modern aquaria.

D├╝sternbrooker Weg 20
D-24105 Kiel
+49 431 600 16 37

Opening Hours:

April - Septemberdaily09.00 am - 07.00 pm
October - Marchdaily09.00 am - 05.00 pm